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  1. Its chemical composition makes it difficult to match the amber to its producers – it is most similar to the resins produced by flowering plants; however, there are no flowering plant fossils until the Cretaceous, and they were not common until the Upper Cretaceous.
  2. Amber has been used since prehistoric times for jewelry, amulets and religious objects.
  3. Rosins on the other hand are less volatile and consist, inter alia, of diterpenes.
  4. Under artificial light, the amber appears like ordinary amber, but under sunlight it has an intense fluorescent blue glow.
  5. Recently, optical absorption, fluorescence and time-resolved fluorescence measurements in Dominican ambers have been reported.


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Details: Was opinion ago 1850s that the rosin that became amber was produced by a long shot tree Pinites succinifer. But then search in the 80s came to the determination that resin originates from various species. Access latterly, it has been proposed, aboard tell of Fourier-transform infrared radiation FTIR analysis of yellow-brown and resin from livelihood trees, that conifers of sept Sciadopityaceae were responsible for.

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